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Su Junzhu is a supporting character from New Gods: Nezha Reborn. She is love interest of Li Yunxiang, a doctor and the motorcyclist.


Physical Appearance

Su Junzhu is the beautiful, exotic and attractive Chinese woman, she has a long dark brown shoulder-length hair with the long-left side of hair that hanged down over her left shoulder and left voluminous wide side-swept bangs that exposed a part of her forehead, amber eyes, voluptuous body build, and skin is almost light.


She wears the doctor coat, a light brown and light beige cheongsam which hides her white skirt, white high heels, and had her hair tied with blue hairband.

Doing outside of work, she wears a white motorcycle riding suit consisted by black corset on her waist, underneath her suit was unbuttoned plaid yellow shirt with white horizontal and vertical bands.


Su Junzhu is the doctor who worked in the Ciji Hospital for treating many patients, she is also the motorcyclist who participate in the motorbike race at the petrol factory to earn a prize of the water coins so she will get some water to give the people while they were in the treatment condition. She sometimes take a ride for the rare occasions.

During in the race, she met her challenger named Li Yunxiang who takes the top to take a shortcut and touchdown onto the finishing line. Having impressed by his skills, she goes to the petroleum to fill it into her motorbike's fuel and takes off her helmet, shaking her hair wildly which caught Yunxiang's attention and he admired her beauty. She met him before complimenting him for taking the shortcut to win a race. As Li Yunxiang asked her name was, Dr. Su glanced at Kasha and thinking it is his girlfriend, saying she is upset before she told him to catch him later and drove off with a wave of her left hand.

Dr. Su appeared as the doctor in the hospital where she met Li Yunxiang again who recognized him from before, she is saying that the strange man with a mask dropped him in her hospital and she was checking on Yunxiang, but to her shock when she saw his wound was healing instantly only for the bruise. She also said that Kasha was lost her leg after the incident at the factory, couldn't saved her leg but she is safe for now. Li Yunxiang returned back to the hospital with unconscious Jinxiang, called out to her as Su Junzhu and her nurses taking him into the surgery to see his injuries.

On the next day, Old Li finds out that Li Jinxiang was in the hospital so Dr. Su takes him to his wardroom where Li Yunxiang was already in. After Yunxiang was leaving from the hospital as his father blamed him by told him to get out, making Dr. Su worried and wonder what's gotten between them. She is also rushed to see what's going on outside when there was a fire on Yunxiang's motorcycle but nothing happened, only glancing at Li Yunxiang with puzzled and concerned looks which she was unaware of Li Yunxiang has uncontrollably bursts the fire onto his bike.

A few couple of days have passed, Su Junzhu visited at the Speedy Courier to remind Li Yunxiang to go see his brother after he was doing fine and she own a favor by having Yunxiang to fix her motorcycle which he implied that he will have another race for the rematch, she questioned about a problem before she walked away. However, she isn't noticed that one of the De Clan's gang member tried to throw the spear behind her as Li Yunxiang quickly tackled her to the ground, saving her life. She assisted to check on Six who was hurt by Yaksha, Mr. De's advisor and become shocked to see his true monstrous form. As Yaksha tried to finish Li Yunxiang off, his spiritual avatar Nezha summoned to grab his long-sharped spiky tongue, causing her more bewilderment upon witnessing the god's spirit from Yunxiang. She tried to persuade Li Yunxiang from stop killing off the Yaksha, making sure that no one was hurt or injured and send for help to get the smugglers to the hospital.

Soon after that, Dr. Su finds Li Yunxiang who was leaning on the rail and suggested that his friends were still hurt but they were recovered soon enough and told him not to worry about. She noticed Yunxiang's right hand was bleeding as she takes off her hair tie before wrapped it around to cover up and stopped the bleeding. She made a conversation with him, wanting to be a doctor since she was little girl and could helped the others from being sick or hurt only she gets it later that some people were no longer helped by any doctor but Li Yunxiang can helped them to do his ways. Yunxiang was starting to blame himself for letting any happen to himself and others but Su Junzhu assured that is not his fault for harmed the people before adding that she is the first person who saw him as she knew he was different rather like the others but she is really getting hang with it and her bond towards him was growing stronger as she sees Yunxiang as the hero in the making and discovered the primordial power, knew about the legends of gods were real including Nezha.